Working American Bulldogs

“PDK Working American Bulldogs”

Performance Drive Kennels is home to the working American Bulldog, based in the South East, UK. PDK promotes the standard and standard hybrid American Bulldog.

All of our bulldogs have been produced from working lines that have been tested for workability, health and temperament. PDK carries out performance testing and selective breeding practices, to ensure that they produce only the very best working bulldogs.

PDK American Bulldogs can be used for Personal Protection, Guard work, Hunting and also make excellent family pets. PDK is a working kennel and we breed American Bulldogs as and when our programme requires. We only breed to retain certain stock for ourselves. On occasion we will have working quality American Bulldog pups available.

If you are thinking of buying an American Bulldog and want to find out more, we are happy to answer any questions and guide you in selecting the most suitable dog for your needs. We can also advise on what to look for when buying an American Bulldog Puppy.

We advise that anyone new to the breed, should visit as many different kennels and American Bulldog breeders as possible. Please be advised that PDK vet all future homes for suitability and to ensure that the owners have adequate experience with similar breeds.

Due to the limited number of breedings that we have here at Performance Drive, demand for our dogs is high, so should you wish to be added to our waiting list, please Contact Us.

Here at PDK we are American Bulldog Enthusiasts and despite over 20 years experience with a variety of Bull breeds we are still learning more about this superb breed every day.

Visitors to our yard are welcome, but strictly by appointment only.

A Working American Bulldog must sprint with the conviction of a terrier, be as agile as a shepherd and possess the power of a Mastiff”